Mqolo Care Point

The current focus of the LinksWay Foundation is the Mqolo Community Care Point.

In partnership with the Eswatini village of Ekuthuleni, LinksWay is helping build a community center with the objective of supporting the healthy development of the local children.

To date, the foundation has:

Built a children's kitchen that is serving 130 meals per day, five days a week.

Built a community rest room.

Drilled a bore hole and water pump.

Planted a community vegetable garden.

Cultivated and planted a maize field to supply mealie for the local staple of porridge.

Fenced the compound.

Built a playground.

With the nutritional and physical needs of the children being met, it is the goal of the care point to now focus on education. Currently, the government of Eswatini is not funding pre-school and kindergarten.  As a result the village children are entering grade 1 ill-prepared and significantly behind the more privileged students. We have purchased a brick-making machine, identified a teacher who is meeting with the children daily at the kitchen and have made arrangements for professional development for our teacher. We are currently raising funds to build and fit a classroom block for the children.

We would welcome and appreciate any support you can give us.