About Us

The LinksWay Foundation grew out of partnership that developed between Dudley Butts and the Swazi community of Ekuthuleni. Dudley came to Eswatini as a volunteer with Save The Children and developed a passion for the country, the culture and the people. This passion led to supporting Save The Children with a project of building a well at a rural primary school in the village of Emvembili. That project led to partnering with African Library Project in bringing a school library to Zwide Primary School. As a result of these projects relationships developed that led to seeing a need to help the caregivers of Ekuthuleni provide food security for their vulnerable children. The LinksWay foundation was founded to formalize the support efforts to help this community serve it's children.


  • We have a caregiving staff of eight ladies known as motivators.

  • We serve 130 meals per day.

  • We provide schooling for 16 four and five year old children.

  • We pay school fees and supplies for two high school children.

  • We provide water for our field, garden and local residents.

  • We support the micro-finance and family saving cooperatives of two different ladies groups.

  • We have partnered with the community to build a kitchen/community center

  • We are in the process of building a pre-school to serve the young learners.

We put the foundation together 3 years ago to organize our charitable efforts.

After Dudley retired from the education field several years ago, he was looking for an opportunity to volunteer in an impverished area of Africa.

As a result, he partnered with an international organization called "Save The Children," where he was provided an opportunity to volunteer in Swaziland. From that point he became very interested in serving the children in whatever way he could. He began developing relationships and one thing led to another and before he knew it he was connected and committed to a small rural village of Swaziland called Ekuthuleni.

The foundation was established to support the efforts of the village to help their orphaned and vulnerable children get a good meal each day and to provide a start to their education. The foundation is flexible enough to provide support in other impoverished areas of the world if needed.

It is our goal to continue the partnership with the village and to help them meet other needs such as opportunities for girls in education, micro-finance for families to help become self-sufficient, a community garden and other needs as they develop.